About Us

We use arts and performance to educate and inspire positive change.

About WordForWord

The arts have a long and rich history of educating and inspiring people. From music and poetry to painting and sculpture, the arts can communicate complex ideas and emotions in a way that is both accessible and engaging. They can also help us to understand and appreciate the world around us, and to share our own experiences and perspectives with others. The power of the arts is evident not only in their ability to engage and entertain us, but also in their ability to help us to better understand ourselves and the world around us.


WordForWord Arts is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company committed to using the power of the arts to inspire young people, support education and champion inclusivity in the community. Born in 2016 of a passion for the arts and a desire to use words to empower people, we use engaging workshops, informative installations and captivating performances to achieve our mission.


We’ve worked closely with the Cumbria County Council, Arts Council England, Cumbria Educational Trust and Safety Net Cumbria to devise, create and produce meaningful educational live performance and multimedia content and educational workshops for young people and adults on topics from bullying to women’s safety.